Poetry Meets Fashion And Hiphop Makes Jusssssto

With the hip-hop world buzzing about the Return of new and improved Jusssssto , he still have plans of fighting for freedom. “The next thing I do is gonna be completely different than the last thing I did,” the rapper said. “Always. I think that’s great. I think that’s the sign of a bright future, somebody who isn’t afraid and somebody who wants to change the world. One of Jusssssto primary aims was to rekindle the passion everyone have for hiphop.

While using poetry and his intriguing smile to gain an audience, Jusssssto reflects on the hard times he’s had as an independent artist. From being rejected by platforms and underestimated by executives for being a blatant spokesman – Jusssssto continues to rise and break barriers in the music industry. Jusssssto has made a trending lifestyle by using pink hats and collar shirts with the logo “Let’s Link “embedded. We believe World Support will be competition for the future.

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