What to Expect With Cezanne Keratin Treatments

Cezanne understands that stylists and clients want keratin hair smoothing treatments that heal and strengthen hair without using any severe or toxic chemicals. That’s why all Cezanne Keratin Smoothing Treatments and aftercare products are 100% formaldehyde-free. We use a low-pH proprietary blend of elements, including glycolic acid, to deliver great results. While a low-pH locks treatment noises great, what can you expect when you apply one of our treatments? Let’s explore our four different treatment options and which locks types they benefit from.

Vintage Keratin Treatment

The Cezanne Vintage Keratin Smoothing Treatment is our original treatment, and it lasts up to five weeks. We designed it to easy, strengthen, and heal textured, wavy, and curly hair. Software and digesting time can be achieved in 1 . 5 to 2 . 5 hours, with respect to the length of the hair.

After application and digesting time, rinse the hair, departing a little amount of treatment residue in the hair. The next step is a thorough blow dry. As you dry the locks, it should feel like it has texture spray in it. When the locks feels heavy or gummy, we recommend you rinse the locks again. Once the blow dry is completed, the final step is sealing the keratin smoothing treatment by smooth ironing all the locks in small areas. When you end the treatment, your client encounters easy, silky, strong, beautiful locks.

Instant Keratin Treatment

The Cezanne Instant Frizz Eliminator Smoothing Spray is a spray-in frizz eliminator that lasts for up to six weeks. You apply this product in five or six sprays in damp hair in four to six large areas. This smoothing spray can process (15 to 20 minutes depending on hair density ) during a haircut! Once prepared, a rinse, blowdry and smooth ironing as explained above comes after. Cezanne Instant Frizz Eliminator Smoothing Spray is perfect for clients who want to manage their frizz and slice blow dry time in half. This product is a superb way to experience a few of the benefits the other Cezanne Keratin Smoothing Treatments offer.

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Keratin Exhibit Treatment

The Cezanne Exhibit Keratin Smoothing Treatment is ideal for any client, especially for the client that has damaged hair, or the client that wants or needs to refresh a keratin application on a more frequent basis. This treatment consists of more moisturizing elements than our other treatments. It provides healthy, gleaming, and easy results that last anywhere from 10 to 12 weeks. Cezanne Exhibit Keratin Smoothing Treatment is applied to damp hair, procedures for 15 minutes, and comes after the rinse, blow dry, and flat iron steps as the rest of the treatment formulas. This treatment option is cost-effective and requires less time than a traditional up to five-month longevity keratin smoothing treatment.

Blonde Keratin Treatment

Cezanne Ultimate Blonde Keratin Smoothing Treatment has the same five-month longevity, software, and processing time as our Vintage Keratin Smoothing Treatment. However , our Ultimate Blonde Keratin Smoothing Treatment has one thing our Vintage Keratin Smoothing Treatment doesn’t have: blue-violet pigments to both treat and firmness, making this method ideal for clients with color-treated blonde locks. It’s also a great treatment for customers that receive services such as highlighting, balayage, high lift, and bleaching, as well as clients with natural grey locks. The Cezanne Ultimate Blonde Keratin Smoothing customer enjoys the advantages of smoothing and toning in one application!

Start Using Cezanne Treatments in Your hair salon vancouver

Do you currently offer keratin treatments in your salon? Do they contain formaldehyde? If they do, you can change to Cezanne to make your salon safer for your clients and yourself. If you don’t offer keratin smoothing treatments, you can leap in, educate yourself, and start offering Cezanne treatments that boost your clients’ locks health and widen the number of services you offer.

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How do you purchase Cezanne keratin treatments? Use our set of distributor companions to find the one closest to you. If we don’t have an authorized distributor in your state, you can order our products straight from us online.

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